Wednesday, January 27, 2016

American Pharoah's Florida Secret

Despite his unconventional methods for breeding, Florida breeder Fred Hooper was a bloodline genius whose supreme progeny, Olympia, is responsible for more speed in our breed than any other Thoroughbred in modern history. Olympia even beat champion quarter horse Stella Moore at her own game in a quarter-mile match race.

Don't take my word for it. Just ask California Chrome who is linebred to Olympia, as is American Pharoah, who's 2nd dam Zetta Jet is very intensely linebred to Olympia. Her daughter Littleprincessemma met Pioneerof The Nile, who is tail-female to the same Olympia and set up a another linebreeding to Olympia.

If you need any more proof of Olympia's potency, see Danzig, Smart Strike, and Rockport Harbor.

I hope to be half as successful as a breeder as Fred Hooper was.


  1. What about Raise a native. unconventional methods Mr.Hooper followed the method of LD pedigree genius Walter Alston.

  2. Excellent! Sometimes we can read inteligent comments, and this is one. I absolutely agree with it.