Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Opportunity to Publicize Your Stallion, Consignment Agency, or Other Thoroughbred Business

The Breed For (Classic) Speed blog has amassed quite a following of domestic and international readers in its short existence. Readers on nearly every populated continent and throughout North America, from Canada, to the Mid-Atlantic region, to the Bluegrass have read and continue to read this blog. 

Many days, even when no content is published, the blog reaches over 50 daily visitors, which is exceptional for a such a new, niche source of content specific to Thoroughbred breeding. I hope to have this number over 100 visitors per day.

Wouldn't it be nice to see your advertisement on this blog, dedicated to the art and science of Thoroughbred breeding? I don't like the Google ads either.

For stallion owners, I can offer advertising packages that include a stallion profile of pedigree analysis and mating recommendations for the subject stallion. Stallion profiles and advertising can be waived in exchange for a breeding season. If you just want a stallion profile to put on your stallion's website, stallion profiles are $125 for the first profile and $100 for additional profiles. Alan Porter's fee is currently $200 for an over-simplified set of nicks that doesn't truly dig deep into the pedigree to exploit other unseen crosses that could be game changers. Get recommendations on siresas well as distaff (Rasmussen Factor) recommendations as well as recommendations based on X-factor (large heart gene) passing opportunities.

For all other advertisers, persistent advertising starts at just $25 / month, targeted at Thoroughbred breeding and racing readers, some of whom are major players in the Thoroughbred industry!

If you would like to take advantage of an excellent publicity opportunity and advertise on this blog, please contact me by phone at 317-721-1704 or e-mail me at

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