Saturday, February 25, 2017

Slip the Cable: A Long-Overdue Post on a Fantastically Linebred Horse

As we've recounted many times before, one of Olin Gentry's maxims is "Return to the sire the best blood of his dam." I'd like to take a moment and addend this maxim by saying that returning to the sire the best blood of both his sire and dam works well, too.

And so it is with Slip the Cable, winner of the $500,000 West Virginia Breeders Classic. Slip The Cable in WV by Coleswood Farm (Jeff and Susan Runco), though it should be noted that Jeff Runco has informed me that his wife, Susan, is the brains behind most of the planned matings.

This mating is so rich, that it's almost impossible to know where to begin, so I'll just throw it all on the wall and see what kind of art we end up with in the end. None of the elements should be discounted, but there are so many good ingredients in this pedigree.

First, let's start off with 2 X Mr. Prospector, who carries Lady Reel, a sister to Domino, top and bottom, both in the tail male line of the sire and dam. Mr. Prospector also adds Vandal, critical for linebreeding to Domino, who is present everywhere in the modern Thoroughbred gene pool. Add two sex-balanced Roberto in the bottom half of both the sire and dam. This nets us at least 4 X Nashua, and that's never a bad thing. Roberto also gives us plenty of often-discussed Family 16 via Plucky Liege.

It should be noted with significance that Mr. Prospector and Seattle Slew, both present in the pedigree, descend from the female line of Myrtlewood, daughter of Frizeur, daughter of distaff force Frizette, Frizette is also the second dam of Tourbillon, brought to us into the pedigree by Damascus. Tourbillon carries 4 X Vandal and the accomplices to Domino are building at a fever pitch.

Prince John also carries a champion sister to Domino in Correction and adds to the damage.
Three X La Troienne* each from Unbridled and Avenue of Flags brings the total to six La Troienne*, the greatest distaff force in the history of the modern Thoroughbred. Add to more La Troienne* thanks to Not For Love's second dam, Numbered Account, who is not only a direct female line descendent of La Troienne*, but also adds another La Troienne* with the peerless Buckpasser. Once she reached the US shores, La Troienne* was never bred to a sire free of Domino and now we just add in all of the Domino and his sisters that have been building up feverishly in the pedigree Slip the Cable and you have an explosion of classic speed that can go the distance. Caro in Unbridled's Song checks in with 4 X Kendal, a rarer occurrence of aforementioned Family 16, found throughout the pedigrees of Roberto and La Troienne herself.

Add to all of this a bunch of known genetic equivalents coming together... Roberto and Nijinsky II are enough to do justify any mating that combines the two. Mr. Prospector, Seattle Slew, and Tourbillon all descending from Frizette... I could go on, and on, and on with this pedigree.

It really doesn't get much better than this, folks. Well done, Susan Runco, well done.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Update: I Told You So!

Remember when I first wrote about Friend or Foe and told you he was going to be a great stallion prospect?

There is an old horse saying that goes "pedigrees don't run, horses do," and so far, from two starters, Friend or Foe has two winners, Code Red, and Mr. Buff. Code Red won in an impressive Maiden Special Weight at Belmont and followed that up with 2nd place in the Seeking The Ante S., also at Saratoga, while Mr. Buff won his Maiden Special at Belmont.

For a stallion that very few people know about, he sure is making a big splash in the huge pond that is the NYRA circuit.

While pedigree isn't everything, effective linebreeding sure helps increase your odds of getting you horses that can run.

You can't say that I didn't warn you...

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Virtual Inspections for U.S. Sales

Prior to July of this year, no U.S. based auction house has provided virtual inspection videos for its buyers or provided a centralized platform that allows the consignors the ability to upload their own photos and videos... until now. 

Thanks to Thoroughbred Catalog, sales companies can now catalogue their sales online in a searchable and sortable tabular format that is embeddable on the sales company's website. To facilitate interaction between buyers and sellers, Thoroughbred Catalog enables the consignors to upload unlimited photos and walking videos for each horse in their consignment.

The Texas Thoroughbred Association has catalogued their full sale on Thoroughbred Catalog, with consignor-provided conformation photos, and you can find that sale at

At just $10 per hip, sales companies can catalogue their entire sale and import results via the free OData feed into the analysis application of their choice (Microsoft Excel, Tableau, etc.).

This service is available to all sales companies of all sizes and budgets. Please encourage these companies to provide a better, more interactive, virtual inspection experience to their buyers. Thoroughbred Catalog is here and ready to serve these customers.

To learn more, please visit

Friday, August 5, 2016

Texas Yearling and Mixed Sale - Presented by the Texas Thoroughbred Association

My First Post on a Debut Winner...

Not only did Sonic Mule break his maiden at first asking, he did so impressively enough to make heads turn and start chatter among the racing media about a possible new rising star.

Let's start with the easy part. Through his first 8 seasons as a stallion, Distorted Humor famously touted an astonishing 35% stakes winners with mares carrying La Troienne. Sonic Mule's damsire-supreme A.P. Indy carries three lines of La Troienne through My Charmer, dam of Seattle Slew, and Buckpasser. La Troienne is the result of crossing full siblings Ormonde and Ornament, which I have mentioned many times (there is a reason for this... because IT MATTERS!).

Ormonde is prevalent throughout the American Thoroughbred gene pool but Ornament is a bit less common. But not to worry, File, the dam of Forty Niner, who is present twice in the pedigree of Sonic Mule, carries no less than 4 lines of Ornament and gives balance to every instance of Ormonde in the gene pool. While he was whisked away to southeast Asia at the age of 10, Forty Niner is arguably one of the most important sons of Mr. Prospector to ever look through a bridle and pass his genetic goodness onto his progeny. His sons Distorted Humor and End Sweep are evidence enough of his potency in the breeding shed... but I digresss...

Distorted Humor adds Danzigs Beauty who adds War Admiral, Olympia, Hail To Reason, and Eight Thirty, all known accomplices to La Troienne (all carry Domino).  The dam of Distorted Humor adds Djeddah, who carries male lines of Vandal, critical for linebreeding to Domino, and now you have a genetic explosion that can be heard 'round the world when combined with La Troienne, who was never bred to a sire free of Domino once she reached U.S. soil.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why I LOVE the Mating of Zenyatta to Medaglia d'Oro

There are some nay-sayers all over Twitter who are condemning the mating of Zenyatta to top sire (at least his fillies) Medaglia d'Oro.

If I were a betting man like the Mosses are, and I wanted a damned good filly to carry on Zenyatta's line, I would also want it to be a filly by Medaglia d'Oro, given the strength of his fillies, like Rachel Alexandra and Songbird. This is reason enough to do the mating, but let's do some digging, shall we?

Even though he is not present anywhere in the pedigree, the elements that created the unstoppable Buckpasser are all present. Multiple daughters of War Admiral, multiples of Tom Fool, and multiples of La Troienne (from double of Lalun) are all present. The main players here are full siblings Ormonde, Ornament, their close kin Kendal, and Domino (broodmare sire of the broodmare sire of War Admiral) and his sisters, who are found in both Prince John, who is doubled, and Mr. Prospector from Street Cry. La Troienne also loves to feed off Mahmoud, who has another member of family 16 in Martagon, close kin to Ormonde, Ornament, and Kendal.

We can see that this mating brings a double of Forli (who brings Ormonde and Kendal), lots of Hail To Reason and a double of Tom Fool, who adds more of family 16 heavyweight Plucky Liege, close kin to Ormonde, Ornament, and Kendal. The mating also adds more lines of Hoist the Flag who brings Tourbillon. Tourbillon is critical to linebreeding to Domino as Domino is missing male strains of Glencoe. Tourbillon brings in Vandal, a rare male strain of Glencoe. Hoist the Flag and Damascus both bring in Tourbillon.

Let's call the stamina component complete with a double of Ribot.

Did I mention Almahmoud, present at least three times, has more Domino, male Glencoe, plus Martagon from Mahmoud? Double of Sunday Evening brings more Domino than I care to count.

Close kin Nasrullah and Royal Charger are also both present. Lash-ups of Nasrullah and Princequillo with La Troienne created A.P. Indy and Riverman and are likely to keep being effective in this mating as well.

All this to say that this mating has the potential to produce Queen Z's greatest foal yet, despite what people are saying on Twitter, some calling Medaglia d'Oro a "sire of plodders", which I find to be an utterly ridiculous thing to say after watching Songbird's fractions in her performance in the Gr. 1 Del Mar Debutante. Time will tell. One thing is for sure though... with the bent Medaglia d'Oro seems to have for being a filly sire - sure, he's had some decent boys - we all just need to pray that Zenyatta's next foal is indeed a filly if she is to have any chance of reproducing herself.

Don't forget, there are photos already posted and videos hopefully coming soon for Fasig-Tipton July yearlings on

July Sale Horses

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Horses for the Fasig-Tipton Midlantic Two Year Olds in Training Sale

Here are the horses for the 2016 edition of the Fasig-Tipton Midlantic Two Year Olds in Training Sale that are represented on sister site Thoroughbred Catalog. If you are a consignor, please contact me or comment below if you would like to post your horses to Thoroughbred Catalog.