Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mubtaahij: Long-Overdue for Some Love from This Pedigree Pundit

This post is mainly for my South Africa readers (some of the most knowledgeable, passionate Thoroughbred fans on the planet), though everyone can learn from it. Dubai World Cup Runner-Up Mubtaahij is a fantastic runner by any measure but has been a real treat for the racing fans in South Africa under the tutelage of SAF's very own Mike de Kock.

At a 5 generation look, we can clearly see that the Olin Gentry mantra of "return to the sire the best blood of his dam" was followed in choosing Dubawi as the sire for this mating. La Troienne is present in every instance of Buckpasser and Mill Reef (who deserves an article of his own someday... Nasrullah / Princequillo lash-up compounded by the large-hearted Blue Larkspur, Djeddah, plus Count Fleet, who has a sister to Domino, plus Bimelech, the son of La Troienne who was 2nd in the Kentucky Derby and went on to win the other two legs of the Triple Crown series, proving both speed and stamina). Shirley Heights also features La Troienne's French Oaks-winning three-quarters sister, Adargatis.

The potent Roberto / Buckpasser cross of genetic equivalents is also in full effect here as well.

Hasty Road is present twice, he out of Discovery mare Traffic Court. Do not ever forget that Discovery has more of Domino's own female family than Domino himself and is critical for linebreeding to Domino. Add Djeddah to the Domino linebreeding damage with no less than 8 lines of Vandal, a rare male strain of Glencoe, whose female strains are all over the Domino-laiden gene pool.  Hasty Road also by Roman, who, with his cross of full siblings Ormonde and Ornament, always clicks with her highness La Troienne, who is also carrying the same cross.

Now, for the kicker in Green Dancer... La Troienne's daughters were bred to War Admiral many times over and her almost-Triple-Crown-winning son later produced Better Self out of a War Admiral mare. Buckpasser also fits neatly into the La Troienne / War Admiral mold as well. Green Dancer brings no less than 4 daughter strains of Man 'O' War to help sex balance all of the War Admiral in the pedigree of Mubtaahij.

Northern Dancer and Nasrullah always adds Blenheim II, who is also carrying other members of Family 16, that of Ormonde / Ornament found in La Troienne, Roman, etc. Northern Dancer also adds more Discovery and more Family 16 to the damage. Mubtaahij is loaded with Northern Dancer.

It seems like De Ja Vu... Almost like I've written and read this article before, maybe in some analysis involving Malibu Moon, Lucy N Ethel, Jake N Elwood... Think about it.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Where Have I Been?

After a bit of a hiatus from pedigree writing, I am back on track to return to pedigree blogging... as soon as the fine folks at Select Web Ventures get my access working again.

ThoroughbredCatalog has been a great success for me in proving what a not-so-well schooled programmer can do, even though he hasn't written any substantial code in quite some time. I was able to write the site from the ground up, with some help of some outstanding cloud service offerings from Microsoft and ASP.Net Identity 2.0, and not-so-Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.

All of the consignors I have signed up are targeting the Fasig-Tipton July Sale, Saratoga, and Keeneland September. The catalogs for these sales will not be published for a couple months, so you won't see actual horses on there for the time being. I have received a lot of interest from a good number of Top 10 and Top 20 North American consignors (by number of horses offered), including numbers 2 and 3 in 2015.

I created the site for the smaller consignors, but have received my best response from the larger consignors who didn't already have a photo and video listing on their websites.

Anyway, back to pedigrees. My next subject will be Mubtaahij, who, due to my subscription error at, I can only see 5 generations of at this time. This is an absolutely splendid horse who just happened to hit this unstoppable buzz-saw named American Pharoah.

Stay tuned for another exciting run of pedigree blogging while I continue to make final tweaks and do some sales for ThoroughbredCatalog.

If you are a consignor, please e-mail me to get your free, no obligation consignor account.  Everyone else, go to ThoroughbredCatalog and sign up!