Thursday, September 27, 2018

Arrogate - Current Top-Rated Horse in the World Linebred to Perfection

You've seen all the hype, the delivering of the goods, and the accolades that have stemmed from the performances of top runner, Arrogate (Unbridled's Song - Bubbler, by Distorted Humor). Now you'll get a down-and-dirty analysis of the pedigree that led to this superior runner and future sire. So... which key ancestors are in play here? All of them. Quantity of pre-potent ancestors is important, but variety is better, and Arrogate has no shortage of variety in the sources of Family 16, the family of the underrated and under-discussed blue hen mare, Agnes.

Let's start with Unbridled. Unbridled has three lines of La Troienne via Bimelech (twice) and Buckpasser. This is enough to get any party started and Unbridled was the culmination of a career of refined breeding from astute Florida horseman John Nerud of the legendary Tartan Farm. Unbridled carried all of the best blood of generations of Tartan Farm heavyweights forward, including In Reality, Aspidistra, Rough'n Tumble, and Fappiano on the top side.

Unbridled's Song was a result of crossing a sire with La Troienne to a mare with no La Troienne, but one who carries many of La Troienne's top accomplices. La Troienne herself is the result of the full-sibling cross of Ormonde and Ornament, both of Family 16. The dam of Undbridled's Song, Trolley Song, brings in more of Family 16 through Solario, Bull Dog, Blenheim II (read "Martagon), and especially Flushing. Even with all of these, I submit to you that Caro brings four lines of Kendal, a less common strain of Family 16, adding a booster shot of variety to the pool.

Repeat and cross.

Going down to Bubbler, here again is a product of a sire (Distorted Humor) with no La Troienne but loaded with La Troienne's primary accomplice, Domino, and other members of his family, mainly through Discovery, also brought in by Mr. Prospector (via Unbridled). Once she was imported into the United States, La Troienne was never bred to a stallion free of Domino and she always appreciates returns of Domino and his family to her in future matings. During his first 8 years at stud, Distorted Humor had over 35% SW with mares carrying La Troienne, and it took 8 years for him to sire a stakes winner free of La Troienne (Jimmy Creed). Daughters of both Distorted Humor and Jimmy Creed are in play for Arrogate.

Mizzen Mast is also in play.

That said, Deputy Minister has been the hottest of broodmare sires lately, and his daughters and granddaughters should be highly considered for sending to Arrogate.

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