Thursday, September 29, 2016

Update: I Told You So!

Remember when I first wrote about Friend or Foe and told you he was going to be a great stallion prospect?

There is an old horse saying that goes "pedigrees don't run, horses do," and so far, from two starters, Friend or Foe has two winners, Code Red, and Mr. Buff. Code Red won in an impressive Maiden Special Weight at Belmont and followed that up with 2nd place in the Seeking The Ante S., also at Saratoga, while Mr. Buff won his Maiden Special at Belmont.

For a stallion that very few people know about, he sure is making a big splash in the huge pond that is the NYRA circuit.

While pedigree isn't everything, effective linebreeding sure helps increase your odds of getting you horses that can run.

You can't say that I didn't warn you...

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