Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mohaymen: The REAL Pedigree Insight

Thoroughbred Daily News recently ran a "Pedigree Insights" piece on the pedigree of multiple Gr. 2 winning juvenile, Mohaymen (Tapit - Justwhistledixie, by Dixie Union) that was a nicely written piece on the history of the progeny of Tapit but did almost nothing to explain the secret sauce behind the pedigree of this beautifully-bred, high-class runner, as many "pedigree analysts" often do nowadays when they publish their work. Let's delve into the recipe for classic speed that created this profitable masterpiece. I will try to stay focused and stay within six generations for the sake of brevity. Choosing a starting place for breaking down this pedigree is not very easy because there is so much goodness present.

Olin Gentry's two most important maxims as passed on to me from my pedigree mentor Les Brinsfield (to anyone who has bothered to read his priceless works) are:

1. Return to the sire the best blood of his dam, and
2. It is very, very, very, very, very, very, very important to get the target ancestor in the same generation in both the sire and the dam.

Olin Gentry left Kentucky Derby winners at every farm he ever worked at in Kentucky and his observations deserve examination.

The rock star stallion Tapit is no mistake from a pedigree perspective and his pedigree is a blueprint to follow for future generations. Gentry maxim #1 is followed in the pedigree of Tapit and sets up both maxim #1 and maxim #2 very nicely for Justwhistledixie, dam of Mohaymen. Inbreeding and linebreeding are of no use if you do not know which ancestors are the true influences that you need to inbreed to. Tapit's dam is inbred to the potent In Reality and Aspidistra. Tapit himself is inbred to Nijinsky II, Buckpasser (and more La Troienne through Seattle Slew, Unbridled, and The Axe), and Mr. Prospector.

Justwhistledixie returns the usual suspects of Mr. Prospector and Northern Dancer, but also returns the best blood of Tapit's dam, Tap Your Heels. The best blood includes In Reality, Seattle Slew, Turn-To (compounded by Seattle Slew, who also has Turn-To) as far as the male strains are concerned.

Following Gentry maxim #2, Mohaymen also features inbreeding to potent distaffers including Foggy Note (5 x 5), Grand Splendor (6 x 6, also giving more Aspidistra), and many, many more lines of La Troienne by extension.

Also present is the cross of full siblings Relaunch and Moon Glitter, 3rd dam of Tapit. Very few crosses are more potent than full brother/sister crosses. These should be sought out in as many matings as possible. Full sisters-in-blood Busanda and Blue Eyed Momo are also present in this pedigree, a combination that has yielded many a good runner in our present day.

A double of Seattle Slew (think La Troienne / Domino / Turn-To / Nasrullah / Princequillo) will never hurt, regardless of where it exists in the pedigree. In this case, Seattle Slew does not fit neatly into the Gentry maxims, but his doubled influence is still important to Mohaymen's pedigree.

The final kicker in this pedigree is 8 x 8 x 6 of Djeddah (think Tourbillon times two for each Djeddah, times three). Tourbillon is critical for sex-balancing all of the Pocahontas (female strain of Glencoe) present in American pedigrees, primarily in Domino - with Vandal, a rare male line of Glencoe.

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